Welcome to Bangladesh

Dear Travelers,
Heartily welcome to ‘Beautiful Bangladesh’!

Bangladesh, a land of exhilarating mix with fascinating ancient history, vibrant cultures and people, numerous panoramic beauties, historical ruins, flora and fauna, sandy sea beaches, hills and forests and wildlife, is waiting to welcome you. This is a land of tourists, researchers, wildlife and nature lovers. Here breathtaking scenery and rivers will surround you.

You will be delighted to see the panoramic beauty of Chittagong Hill Districts. You can enjoy the wildlife and hear the roar of majestic ‘Royal Bengal Tiger’. You can come across the rich cultural heritages and very old history of civilization of Bangladesh. You will enjoy the company of smiling and hospitable people of Bangladesh. You never like to miss the taste of typical delicious Bangladeshi foods.

Bangladesh is a land where “There are a thousand doors to enter, not a single to leave”. Bangladesh Tourism Board is ready to extend necessary facilities to welcome you and ensure you stay very comfortable here in Bangladesh. Visit Bangladesh anytime where there is something for everyone. Your dream will come to a reality in this beautiful land.

Come to Bangladesh

  • Meet the people
  • Have the taste of the delicious cuisine especially the sumptuous Hilsha fish of Bangladesh
  • Enjoy the beauty of Bangladesh with safety and comfort
  • Return with a refreshed and peaceful mind.