Travel Permit/Documents

  1. Travel Permit/Documents are issued to Bangladeshi nationals who for some reason are not in possession of their Bangladeshi Passport and wishes to return home.
  2. Requirements of Travel Permit:
    (1) Applicant should present in the Embassy for interview ;
    (2) Any of the following documents in support of  applicant’s Bangladeshi identity;
    Copy of Previous Passport (if any). For the lost passport, police report is mandatory. or
    b. Bangladeshi Birth Certificate duly attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka.
    (3) 4x Passport Size photographs (1 copy attested by councillor, Mosque Imam, GP, Solicitor)
    (4) Filled up Passport application form;
  3. Fees (Non-refundable): Following fees are taken for Travel Permit:
  • 3-5 days delivery time for Regular US$ 12.00 / Same day delivery for Urgent US$ 24.00
  1. Methods of Availing the service:
    Direct Services in which physical presence is a must.